Personal Membership of FFFD

Information on Membership Abroad

This membership is a personal membership.

As you join FFFD you’ll support the Federation and also FFFD’s Enviromental Projects and have the possibility to enjoy the many activities for members.

You can join us for only Dkr 250,- per year.

  • You’ll receive our magazin “FlueFisker” 4 times yearly.
  • You have the possibility to join one of our trips in Denmark, but also abroad.
  • You have free access to our International known Danish Fly Festival every second year,  with known fly casting international instructors and enjoy to watch well known fly tying profiles from Denmark and abroad showing their skills.

You can join here

FFFD Membership

Information on membership Abroad

Should you have any questions regarding membership of FFFD, please don't hesitate to contact us.